New Skateboards!

What are the three single most awesome forms of transportation? Think about it for a second...

One: A monkey-piloted tandem jetpack with in-flight meal and golden Xbox hot-tub.
Two: A rocket powered laser shark with Megan Fox footrubs.
And Three: A HandBrake Skateboard!

You know it makes sense. And lucky for you the very first run of HandBrake short and longboards have just arrived and are ready to be ridden or hung on the wall. Be warned though - there is only a limited number of prints and once they're gone they're gone so if you like a design you've gotta get in quick! It makes 'em more special if there's not a million out there. 

Most of the designs by Hans Bruechle are vinyl prints but some are actually hand-painted straight onto the wood which makes them super awesome and super rare. Kind of like a monkey jetpack.

If you're into funky art and skating then get involved and have a look around!

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