Free Skate deck Winner!


Well the verdict is in and out of all the people who signed up for our mailing list at the World Sports Expo on the weekend the winner of the "Lego Heads" skate deck is........

Paul Gavranich!

Congrats dude and happy skating / using the deck to prop open your bedroom door. Whatever, it's yours now. 

For everyone else don't freak out!!! As soon as new designs are finished you'll be the first to know about it and you guys are the ones who get the discounts. See? I'm helping :)


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Bagus  • 
Jul 13, 2012

I love watching skerats, but these days they make me feel really old!!! I must learn some hip German skating jargon to try and fit in with the kids

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Dounia  • 
Jul 13, 2012

Just wanted to say takhns for taking the time to write this up. Thanks! Next time you need a deck hit me up as Ohana dropped Beer Run due to a customer or two complaining about it being a family store and having a deck brand called Beer Run. I’d be stoked to hook you up on your next deck and tee. You can reach me direct at .Thanks again!Brent

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