World Sports Expo

Well it's all finished now but here are a couple of snaps from the World Sports Expo at the Perth Convention Centre over the weekend.

Getting a couple of Danny Green signed HandBrake decks!

Getting set up with the beautiful Tamlin

The Board Wall

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Kochu  • 
Jul 14, 2012

day normally has a nubemr of contests.a0 One of which has been a skate boarding contest at the Holmes Beach skate park.a0a0A few propertiesa0within a block to the Holmes Beach Founders day festival would be 303 61st

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Israel  • 
Jul 13, 2012

Kaks:If you are referring to the t-shirts and mugs . I heard Stacy say that a lot of peolpe were sending in emails wanting to buy those kind of things. I might be missing your point though, cause I’m not really aware of what else they might be hawking. Yah Max, is quite a sly bastard, but I don’t think he is gonna stick his neck out attacking the most dangerous peolpe on the planet, a0just a0hoping to make a few measly bucks off coffee mugs and t-shirts. At least I hope he’s smarter than that.

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