Byron Bay Surf Trip

Well hey there! Long time no speak. What's been going on with you? Wow that's interesting.

Sorry it's been so long between drinks on the old blog-doodle but we've been enjoying the amazing surf and $4 tacos that can only be delivered by the one and only Byron Bay. For the last week and a half Hans and Tam have been soaking up the vibes over east man (seriously it's so damn hippie over there! I'm pretty sure their economy is based on dreamcatchers and energy crystals).

Byron is the perfect place for those of you who enjoy surfing and skating and all things HandBrake cos that's all anyone over there does! Can't wait until we can show you the very first line of HB surfboards.

So of course we hit the surf which is so different to out West - the sets just roll in from way out and you can see them coming from a mile off - but we also spent ages skating everywhere and telling everyone about HandBrake!

The gorgeous Tamlin enjoying the most Easterly Point of Australia

And we hit up Brisbane on the way home too!

But we're back now and it's only 2 WEEKS until the HandBrake launch at The Cott (Saturday 12th May in case you forgot - 7pm onwards). Guess we'll see you there for a beer or 2.

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Stay awesome!

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