DJ for the Launch

We all know you can't have an exhibition with no music. It'd be like eating ice-cream with no ice magic or drinking non-alcoholic beer - sure you can do it but it's just not the same is it?

Which is why we here at HandBrake towers have picked our tune-master for the evening to do his thing on a very different set of decks.

Our DJ on Saturday 12th May will be.........BOSTON SWITCH.

He's a local Perth lad with some incredible talents for smashing tunes together to create superb mixes and make girls wet themselves. Plus he's a surfer so, you see, everything is tied together. See what we did there? Good isn't it?

Check him out on Facebook HERE and then come down and see him live at The Cottesloe Beach Hotel on Sat 12th May - 7pm onwards!


By Hans Bruechle on
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