Sponsor: Odyssey 20/20 Sunglasses

Kickarse news everyone! 
The guys at Odyssey 20/20 sunglasses have jumped on board the HandBrake wagon and have awesomely given us a pile of amazing sunnies to go out to you lucky peeps on the night of our launch! (Saturday May 12th at The Cottesloe Beach Hotel for those of you who have forgotten. Go ahead and write it down. I'll wait right here)

If you haven't seen the selection of Odyssey 20/20 sunglasses then here are a few personal faves:

Check out the full line of products by Odyssey 20/20 HERE

Also, we've had a talk amongst ourselves and have decided to give away heaps of other stuff on the night too. A one-off hand painted 6 foot surfboard (done by Hans of course), a custom skate deck, and a selection of clothing could all be yours - you just have to be there.

Remember doors open at 7pm so if you don't wanna feel like a goose when you miss out on the most kickarse pieces available then get there early!

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Imran  • 
Jul 13, 2012

Try changing it up Mel. Our bdieos adapt to the same cardio and won’t burn as many calories or work as hard. If you change it to riding a bike, taking a class or something else for a few weeks you’ll see that you don’t have to jog as far to get the same affects.

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