New Everything! Including Surfboards.

Oh snap! For those of you who missed our launch at The Cott last weekend we've finally uploaded some pics of the new surfboards and all the skate decks Hans has been keeping under wraps for the last few months. By the way you missed out cos we gave so much free stuff away! Including a hand-painted surfboard and a bunch of sunglasses. 


See?! It looked awesomesauce.

Check out the first SURFBOARD designs HERE (there are plenty more coming so stay tuned)

Or if you're more of a skater then check out THESE

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Edward  • 
Jul 14, 2012

sisters developed for suborfard brands Muskoka Surfboard Co. and Almond Surfboards below. Check out this link where Jen explains the creative process behind the final logo that Muskoka Surfboard Co. selected

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