You've never seen this before!

It's time for something different. Time for a change up. And time for something genuinely cool. Surprisingly I'm not talking about Lara Bingle's sure-to-be-terrible new show - I'm talking about these incredible retro HandBrake skateboards with the designs ON THE TOP OF THE DECK!!!


The "Jet Blue" and the "Honey Bee"

There are not many people in the world that do the cut grip tape like this. These boards are so rare they're government protected (note: they are not government protected) and they look amazing. They are prime examples of what useable art should be - top quality products with a great look.

Art is no longer just for hanging on the walls. These days people want to be able to actually ride on, wear, and take their favourite designs with them when they go outside. Let's make artwork more than just a static thing. Make it move. And take it with you.

These new retro HandBrake cruisers are collectors items and if you consider yourself a purveyor of all things quality and stylish then you'd be mad to miss out. Each board is hand-designed, hand painted, and hand cut. That's right, the grip tape did not come in a pattern. It wasn't cut by a machine. It was painstakingly cut by hand and glued into place so that it works.

Plus we've gone and put nice big cruiser wheels on them so they roll like a dream and are super stable yet flexible. Be warned - there are more even wilder designs on their way!

Stay tuned :)

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