Incredible New Surfboards

They're finally here! No I don't mean that pair of sheepskin Crocs I ordered a month ago I mean the NEW HANDBRAKE SURFBOARD DESIGNS. Check them out...

Told you they were awesome. Plus they come with free FCS fins so you don't have to worry about shelling out for those at the end of the day. You can check them out at our SURFBOARD PAGE or see them in the flesh at one of our stockists.

These new boards are currently on the racks at Funs Back Surf at 120 Marine Pde Cottesloe Perth WA and will be on show during the upcoming Whalebone Classic long boarding competition in a few weeks. More details as it gets closer but the event is really huge and really awesome and is a legit event on the long boarding world circuit.

Funs Back also has a couple of our kickarse skateboards (like the retro cruisers with custom grip tape)


Get involved and support local everything from boards to boarders and art to artists. Plus there'll be alcohol!

And if you want to sign up to our mailing list HERE we can send you out a FREE CAR STICKER so you can share the love and we'll think you're amazing forever :)


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Adeshina  • 
Jul 13, 2012

captainhunterMarch 8, 2012It reminds me so much of being a litlte kid, and wanting so bad to have a real skateboard like my cousin Felix. Of course, as soon as I got one I just knelt on it and rolled around, too scared to stand up. And then plastered it with garbage pail kids stickers.andbythatimean AWESOME! I love it!

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