The HandBrake Family

Welcome to HandBrake Surf & Skate - an Australian label that produces high-quality skateboards, longboards, surfboards, clothing, and sneakers. Started by West Aussie artist Hans Bruechle (AKA HandBrake) we have grown into a tight-knit family of people who froth on creativity, sunshine, and spending time creating and doing what we love. HandBrake isn't a huge company. We don't own factories and we don't want to own the world. What we do want is for people to enjoy what we're about and be part of our team. That's it. Our family can never be too big so if you're keen on living life at a different pace then come get on board!

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Graffiti Amazeness!

Our HandBrake house artist Hans Bruechle (AKA HandBrake) is gettin' out there with some maaaaaaddd graffiti around Perth. Check out the latest effort in an office block in Subiaco. We bloody love these time-lapse painting videos so it's great to have one of our own. Enjoy!

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2013 skate collection

Heaps of stuff has been happening at HandBrake headquarters over Summer and now we have HEEEEEAAAAAPPPSSSS of new skate designs. Check them all out on the skate deck page and be amazed! Here's some of the latest bunch: Oh we also made a coffee table out of them too. Boom!   Facebook friend us HERE and be awesome!

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Whalebone Classic

The Whalebone is upon us everyone! On July 14th and 15th at Cottesloe Beach the 15th Annual Whalebone Classic long boarding event will be taking place and HandBrake surfboards and skateboards will be down there getting amongst it. If you have a bit of time that weekend then head down and say hey to us and maybe even have a look at our products for real. All the new boards will be available to check out and we'll have clothing and free stickers for you too. Just in case you forgot what the amazing new boards look like then here they are:

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Incredible New Surfboards

They're finally here! No I don't mean that pair of sheepskin Crocs I ordered a month ago I mean the NEW HANDBRAKE SURFBOARD DESIGNS. Check them out... Told you they were awesome. Plus they come with free FCS fins so you don't have to worry about shelling out for those at the end of the day. You can check them out at our SURFBOARD PAGE or see them in the flesh at one of our stockists. These new boards are currently on the racks at Funs Back Surf at 120 Marine Pde Cottesloe Perth WA and will be on show during the upcoming Whalebone Classic long boarding competition in a few weeks. More details as it gets closer but the event is really huge and really awesome and is a legit event on the long boarding world circuit. Funs Back also has a couple of our kickarse skateboards (like the retro cruisers with custom grip tape)    Get involved and support local everything from boards to boarders and art to artists. Plus there'll be alcohol! And if you want to sign up to our mailing list HERE we can send you out a FREE CAR STICKER so you can share the love and we'll think you're amazing forever :) And FACEBOOK HERE

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You've never seen this before!

It's time for something different. Time for a change up. And time for something genuinely cool. Surprisingly I'm not talking about Lara Bingle's sure-to-be-terrible new show - I'm talking about these incredible retro HandBrake skateboards with the designs ON THE TOP OF THE DECK!!!     The "Jet Blue" and the "Honey Bee" There are not many people in the world that do the cut grip tape like this. These boards are so rare they're government protected (note: they are not government protected) and they look amazing. They are prime examples of what useable art should be - top quality products with a great look. Art is no longer just for hanging on the walls. These days people want to be able to actually ride on, wear, and take their favourite designs with them when they go outside. Let's make artwork more than just a static thing. Make it move. And take it with you. These new retro HandBrake cruisers are collectors items and if you consider yourself a purveyor of all things quality and stylish then you'd be mad to miss out. Each board is hand-designed, hand painted, and hand cut. That's right, the grip tape did not come in a pattern. It wasn't cut by a machine. It was painstakingly cut by hand and glued into place so that it works. Plus we've gone and put nice big cruiser wheels on them so they roll like a dream and are super stable yet flexible. Be warned - there are more even wilder designs on their way! Stay tuned :) And don't forget to "like" our FACEBOOK PAGE

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New Retro Skateboards Available

Hands up if you were born in the 80s. Wow that decade had some killer stuff - shoulder pads, fluoro, Back to the Future, and Warwick Capper's shorts. Winning. The 80s also had some incredible single kick skate decks with cool designs and Hans has been hard at work having a play around with some new deck shapes and he's come up with this beast.... The top is gripped with clear tape and that eye is hand-painted underneath. PLUS those wheels are classic Canadian OJs and are just like riding on jelly! There should be a few more like this appearing in the coming weeks so keep checking back for their arrival. They are so much fun to ride and they're really small so it's a good way to get around :) As usual don't forget to "like" us on the Facebook Page because we don't eat we just subsist on your approval. We're on a  diet.

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Byron Bay Surf Trip

Well hey there! Long time no speak. What's been going on with you? Wow that's interesting. Sorry it's been so long between drinks on the old blog-doodle but we've been enjoying the amazing surf and $4 tacos that can only be delivered by the one and only Byron Bay. For the last week and a half Hans and Tam have been soaking up the vibes over east man (seriously it's so damn hippie over there! I'm pretty sure their economy is based on dreamcatchers and energy crystals). Byron is the perfect place for those of you who enjoy surfing and skating and all things HandBrake cos that's all anyone over there does! Can't wait until we can show you the very first line of HB surfboards. So of course we hit the surf which is so different to out West - the sets just roll in from way out and you can see them coming from a mile off - but we also spent ages skating everywhere and telling everyone about HandBrake! The gorgeous Tamlin enjoying the most Easterly Point of Australia And we hit up Brisbane on the way home too! But we're back now and it's only 2 WEEKS until the HandBrake launch at The Cott (Saturday 12th May in case you forgot - 7pm onwards). Guess we'll see you there for a beer or 2. If you haven't already don't forget to jump onto the Facebook page and like us and share us around cos I'm pretty sure that will make you better in bed. Seriously.  Stay awesome!

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New Skateboards!

What are the three single most awesome forms of transportation? Think about it for a second... One: A monkey-piloted tandem jetpack with in-flight meal and golden Xbox hot-tub. Two: A rocket powered laser shark with Megan Fox footrubs. And Three: A HandBrake Skateboard! You know it makes sense. And lucky for you the very first run of HandBrake short and longboards have just arrived and are ready to be ridden or hung on the wall. Be warned though - there is only a limited number of prints and once they're gone they're gone so if you like a design you've gotta get in quick! It makes 'em more special if there's not a million out there.  Most of the designs by Hans Bruechle are vinyl prints but some are actually hand-painted straight onto the wood which makes them super awesome and super rare. Kind of like a monkey jetpack. If you're into funky art and skating then get involved and have a look around!

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