The HandBrake Family

Welcome to HandBrake Surf & Skate - an Australian label that produces high-quality skateboards, longboards, surfboards, clothing, and sneakers. Started by West Aussie artist Hans Bruechle (AKA HandBrake) we have grown into a tight-knit family of people who froth on creativity, sunshine, and spending time creating and doing what we love. HandBrake isn't a huge company. We don't own factories and we don't want to own the world. What we do want is for people to enjoy what we're about and be part of our team. That's it. Our family can never be too big so if you're keen on living life at a different pace then come get on board!

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New Skate Longboards!

Update time! How do you feel about brand new limited edition longboards with custom grip tape? Pretty good right? Well check these babies out - they are the first 2 vinyl printed longboard completes and they look god damn sexy!   We're only going to make a few of these (I'm thinking 3) and each one will have a different grip tape pattern so they are one-offs and super rare. HandBrake stuff is becoming really popular so someday soon these will be collectors items! The gear on them is top notch too - Drifter brand 7 inch trucks with Drifter 75mm wheels and ABEC 5s. (Also that deck on the right with the orange wheels has a convex deck so it bends the opposite way and is super fun to carve into corners!) Check them out HERE on the Skateboard page. Happy skating!

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iHart Exhibition a Massive Success!

Congrats to everyone involved in the iHart charity art exhibition that was at The Claremont last Friday night. Our very own house artist Hans Bruechle had a bunch of pieces on show and all of them sold out mega quick! The exhibition was super exciting and had everything from hand-painted Crystal Skull vodka bottles, to A2 poster prints, to skate decks, and even a few custom HandBrake surfboards! Check out Hans' stuff:   We even got a cheeky mention in COLOSOUL magazine HERE  That surfboard with the whale on it will be up as a prize during the upcoming Whalebone Classic so stay tuned! All in all a great night with all proceeds going to the Make A Wish Foundation so it's art with heart. See what I did there? Yeah I'm good.

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Free Skate deck Winner!

  Well the verdict is in and out of all the people who signed up for our mailing list at the World Sports Expo on the weekend the winner of the "Lego Heads" skate deck is........ Paul Gavranich! Congrats dude and happy skating / using the deck to prop open your bedroom door. Whatever, it's yours now.  For everyone else don't freak out!!! As soon as new designs are finished you'll be the first to know about it and you guys are the ones who get the discounts. See? I'm helping :)

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New Skateboards!

What are the three single most awesome forms of transportation? Think about it for a second... One: A monkey-piloted tandem jetpack with in-flight meal and golden Xbox hot-tub. Two: A rocket powered laser shark with Megan Fox footrubs. And Three: A HandBrake Skateboard! You know it makes sense. And lucky for you the very first run of HandBrake short and longboards have just arrived and are ready to be ridden or hung on the wall. Be warned though - there is only a limited number of prints and once they're gone they're gone so if you like a design you've gotta get in quick! It makes 'em more special if there's not a million out there.  Most of the designs by Hans Bruechle are vinyl prints but some are actually hand-painted straight onto the wood which makes them super awesome and super rare. Kind of like a monkey jetpack. If you're into funky art and skating then get involved and have a look around!

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