Dusk Till Dawn Mountain Biking 2014

It's not all just 4 wheels here at HandBrake HQ. We love all gnarly-bro sports and we love filming shit so we got the HandBrake Media film crew together, cruised down to Dwellingup in the WA bush and hung at out a kickarse mountain biking race called the "Dusk Till Dawn". This event starts at 6pm as the sun is going down and riders race through the night for 12 hours (fuck!) through the pitch black bush until 6am. Everyone sets up tents and gets drunk and it's a great atmosphere and we were there to film it all. So check out this quick vid of the race and get pumped for some dirty trail action!  

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The HandBrake Bottle Shop

There's heaps going on at HandBake HQ at the moment but for some reason we can't seem to keep our hands off fancy booze bottles. Not in a dodgy way, just in a hand-painting kind of way. Have a look at this bottle of Greenore Irish whiskey that Hans painted up just this weekend: Plus if you haven't seen them yet there are a few new board shapes in the lineup now. Each one is hand-cut and shaped by HandBrake in the shed at Scarborough beach just like a surfboard. The new lineup is a throwback to the 70s and 80s style vintage and retro decks with single kick cruisers and big soft wheels. Check them out: Jump onto our Facebook page www.facebook.com/HandbrakeSurfSkate to stay dialled into whatever we're up to or giving away every day :)

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Release the Kraken!

The bottle-o is open and it's hand-painted by HandBrake. How does that work? Well have a look for yourself: Kraken rum is one of our favourite spiced beverages and the bottle is sick. So we decided to "HandBrake it" with some custom spray and ink work. Check out the other products on offer in the "HB Bottle Shop".    Drink responsibly or whatever but don't forget to stay up to date with our Facebook page cos you'll miss out on sweet sweet vids of scooter kids eating concrete (like the one we posted this morning). www.facebook.com/HandBrakeSurfSkate 

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Work happening at HandBrake HQ...

Plenty of new stuff grinding out behind the scenes gang but you gotta be patient... We've got a stack of new clothing heading our way and some fresh, tested to death, decks and longboard completes to feast your eye-mouths on. Stay classy and in the meantime check out our latest Summer vid:

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New Skateboards!

What are the three single most awesome forms of transportation? Think about it for a second... One: A monkey-piloted tandem jetpack with in-flight meal and golden Xbox hot-tub. Two: A rocket powered laser shark with Megan Fox footrubs. And Three: A HandBrake Skateboard! You know it makes sense. And lucky for you the very first run of HandBrake short and longboards have just arrived and are ready to be ridden or hung on the wall. Be warned though - there is only a limited number of prints and once they're gone they're gone so if you like a design you've gotta get in quick! It makes 'em more special if there's not a million out there. Most of the designs by Hans Bruechle are vinyl prints but some are actually hand-painted straight onto the wood which makes them super awesome and super rare. Kind of like a monkey jetpack. If you're into funky art and skating then get involved and have a look around!

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